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About Henry

Committed to Serving the Community

At the age of 9, Henry Townsend became a ward of the state due to the mental and physical abuse from both of his parents. Raised in East Palo Alto, he was thrown into the foster care system and was bounced from place to place, having no positive direction on where he was headed. Through his own poor decision making, he landed in many group homes, juvenile detention centers, and eventually in state prison.
After 30 years in the penal system, Henry forged a path in his life to have a brighter tomorrow. In doing so, he has changed his character by changing his thinking process. After many classes and strenuous therapy sessions, his tomorrows remain positive through the men and women he helps and supports today. 
For he has walked the path of destruction for many years and is now on the path of becoming a strong and positive role model to his sober living home: Empowered Men Built to Win!

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Sunset Over New York City

A Poem by Henry

America's top corporation of all incarcerated, gain with lives they have grounded, to change our way rehabilitate this is what public officials swear and state.

But those who pay realize prisons hurt, they dehumanize.

How can thoughtless me inspire? How can their acts admire?

Less we forget what they have shown, now it's time to make it known.

Don't let your vengeance play the fool, don't let your anger make you cruel.

A bitter death that eats away, for use the sun, moon and stars are cross with prison bars.

Where then God compassion hand would have us understand.

As thou has done the less of these enter my hell enter my peace.

Written by Henry Townsend 

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